TT Holdings is a South African based Construction Cost Consultancy firm operating and providing services within the building and engineering industry. Over the past years we have been involved and exposed to various markets within the construction industry which equipped the company with knowledge that sees our client getting value for money.

As offspring’s of the African Continent and understanding the history and the collective effort to move and develop a well-integrated infrastructure system, we are committed to act as a link bridge between our client’s and end user’s through cost effective designs measures.


We offer full Quantity Surveying services from project inception till close out stage. In simplified terms we assist our client to answer the “How Much will it cost us” question through acting as a link between the design team, contractor and the client and manage the budget on their behalf to mitigate cost overrun and ensuring the client get value for money.


” We are a dynamic prospective company run by youth with knowledge in construction and engineering quantity surveying atmosphere. The team is competent, strategist and capable of developing innovative plans and activities designed to facilitate competitive growth towards a project. We possesses excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills, the ability to influence decisions and to develop positive relationships both internally and externally.

What separate us from our industry colleague is our ability to learn and adjust to our client needs and daily business to make sure we provide a well-tailored service. We take pride in our youthful energy and our ability to adapt with time, economy and industry climate change to make sure we provide our client with a world class service using the latest technology.”